BA-0801-CS-RM-01-OS : Requirements Management for Software Development [2 Days | 16 PDU's]

[Aligned with BABOK V2.0]

Course Description
When compared with other industries, the software industry is still in its infancy. The industry practices have gradually matured over the years and continue to evolve even today with an endeavour to produce high-quality software. The industry is replete with examples of software end-products that do not conform to what the customer originally wanted. In hindsight, most of such failed projects have realized that the software requirements needed to be better managed to achieve the desired level of customer satisfaction. On detailed analysis, the highest cost of “fixes” is also attributed to the requirement defects that were allowed to trickle down to later phases of the project.

This course will help you learn about the significant role requirements play in defining the solution to implement software enhancements or new product features. You will gain insight into definition of scope of work, elicitation and development of functional and non-functional requirements. Part of this course will also deal in management of changes in requirements through the life cycle of the project/product, advantages of maintaining requirement traceability and maintenance of requirements for re-use.

You should attend this course if you are...
...a Business Analyst and your end-objective is to maintain high 'Customer Satisfaction Index' with the software end-product.
...a Business Analyst and you intend to institute a mechanism to handle ever-changing requirements.
...a Business Analyst and you need to escalate changes to your team members with speed and accuracy.
...a Project Manager and you have a mandate to avoid ‘Scope Creep’ on your project.
...a Project Manager and you must ensure quality without adversely affecting your budget.
...a User of Software End-Product and you wish your software team minimized the cost of re-do’s.
...a Non-IT Professional and you aspire to kick-start your career as a Business Analyst on application software development projects.

What You Will Learn
  • What constitute the requirements of a software project?

  • How does the quality of requirements affect the quality of the end-product i.e., the new or enhanced software?

  • What part do requirements play in the success of a software project?

  • How are the business requirements formulated?

  • How are stakeholders identified?

  • How is the scope set for the requirements of the project?

  • How is a Requirement Management Plan developed?

  • What techniques can be employed to elicit requirements from the stakeholders?

  • How is a requirement package developed?

  • Why and how are requirements prioritized?

  • How does a Business Analyst manage scope and stakeholder expectations?

  • What are the various types of requirements and how are they specified?

  • How is the User Interface described?

  • How are the changes to requirements managed?

  • What role does requirement traceability play in keeping the project team on its course?

  • How do requirements drive all other phases of a software project?

  • What contribution do requirement related activities make to ensure the success of a software project?

  • Why is a Business Analyst an indispensible member of a software development team?