PM-0803-CS-PM-01-OS : Project Management Crash Course [2 Days | 16 Hours of Study]

Course Description
Unlike an operation, a project has a definite beginning and a definite end. The definite life of a project dictates that all resources on the project are handled most efficiently and an end-product of value is delivered at the end of a project. The anticipation of value-added end-product makes a projectized initiative a very lucrative proposition for most organizations.

Of late, more and more industry verticals have come to realize the tremendous benefits accrued by successful projects. Thus, the demand for trained project managers has skyrocketed in all progressive organizations the world over!

This course will introduce to you the framework of project management discipline. At the end of this course you will be able to execute reasonably sized projects with ease and deliver an end-product of quality, even in the midst of resource and schedule conflicts, risks, and the looming deadline. As a trained project manager, you will feel empowered to deliver more with less!

You should attend this course if you are...
...a Supervisor and you feel that you need more rigor of planning, monitoring, control and/or quality in the initiatives you undertake.
...a Project Manager and you experience that shortage of time, resources and/or funds during the project puts you at a disadvantage on more than one occasion during the project.
...a Project Manager and you simply need to be abreast with formal project management practices.
...a Project Manager and you have a mandate to avoid ‘Scope Creep’ on your project.
...a Non-IT Professional and you want to kick-start your career as a Project Manager.
...Anybody who simply wants to be more organized, focused and result-oriented in whatever one undertakes in one's life.

What You Will Learn

  • What is the role of a Project Manager in various phases of a Project Life Cycle?

  • How are stakeholder expectations managed in a project?

  • How do various project management process groups relate to each other?

  • How is a Project Plan developed and maintained?

  • How are risks managed in a project?

  • How do you bake quality in your project plan as well as in its execution?

  • What are the nuances of managing people on a project?

  • How is the scope of a project managed?

  • How is work estimated and scheduled?

  • How can you control changes and related costs during the project?

  • How do you manage expectations of various groups associated with the project through effective communication?

  • How do you measure performance during the course of the project?

  • How is the end-product delivered and how are projects closed out?

  • How is the benefit of a project realized and communicated to the stakeholders?

  • How instrumental is the role of a Project Manager in the success of the project?